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Label: Sliptrick Records
Released: 2017
Track listing:
1. Nostalgia
2. Forced To Hate
3. Eternal Slaves
4. Live With No Tomorrow
5. S.I.S.
6. Lost
7. Zero Rescpect
8. Dreams Of Glory
9. The Four Horsemen
Bonus Tracks:
10. Nostalgia [Bass Only]
11. Forced To Hate [Drums Only]
12. Eternal Slaves [Bass & Drums]
13. Live With No Tomorrow [Instrumental]

Includes a 16 pages booklet, four bonus tracks, a cover of Metallica's 'The Four Horsemen' and re-arranged & re-recorded versions of 'S.I.S.' & 'Dreams Of Glory', originally released in 2006.

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** America registered mail only and CD without jewel case.
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